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    April 30, 2015
It was fun times last Saturday as we stepped away from the studio to join fellow Detroiters Imminent Sonic Destruction (ISD) to open for London’s HAKEN at the Token in Westland, MI. We’ve been fans of HAKEN since their masterpiece “The Mountain” was released two years ago so it was great to share the stage with them!

Joining HAKEN as tour-openers was Next To None which features Max Portnoy, Mike Portnoy’s son, (not surprisingly) on drums. All still in High School (!), N2N delivered some of the heaviest and most complex music of the night – a preview of their debut album scheduled for release June 30th on InsideOut.

Although all the openers played short sets, we carved out time to debut one new song “Shelter in Place” – the second track off ‘Pretending to Run’. Also..., it was an open secret that Mike Portnoy was traveling with Max so we saved time for the possibility he might accept our offer to join us for “The Spirit of Radio”. We weren’t sure if the timing would work out, but sure enough..., as we finished “Ballad of the Sacred Cows” Paul came back on stage to say Mike was ready to go! Mark gracefully relinquished the drum throne and Mike appeared to the surprise and delight of the audience. After a few hugs and handshakes, Paul handed Mike the microphone and he said a few words to the audience:

“How are you guys doing? For those of you that don’t know..., Tiles was Dream Theater’s opening band 16-years ago on the ‘Scenes from a Memory’ tour. It’s so good to see these guys and so good to see you guys – thank you!”

As the cheers died down, Chris launched into the oh-so-familiar guitar pattern of that Rush classic then everyone dove in full steam ahead. Aside from a couple unfortunate slips: Paul accidently triggering a “Hide in My Shadow” sample (too bad it wasn’t in a sympathetic key!) and Chris joking with Mike and missing a chord or two – it was great fun, warts and all. Many thanks to Mike for stepping out on a limb (we didn’t rehearse) and making the evening uniquely memorable for us and the audience!

Be sure and search YouTube – the videos are out there...

Overall, it was a great evening of progressive rock/metal with over 200 Detroit-area fans witnessing the first show of HAKEN’s first US tour – and coincidently the first show of Next to None’s first-ever tour! Many thanks to ISD for making it happen...

Here are a few photos of the on-stage festivities courtesy of Rick Rosinski and Kristina Freed – plus some backstage fun with Mike, Mark Mikel (of the Pillbugs) and Charlie Griffiths (Haken):

    March 28, 2015
Check out the new Tiles Files entry for the latest studio update… complete with video and a lyric worksheet!

    February 15, 2015
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    December 22, 2014
Season’s Greetings everyone..., best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

The New Year may actually bring forth the sixth Tiles studio album “Pretending to Run” – and to keep people up to date on our progress we’ve brought back the “Tiles Files” newsletter. Once an old fashioned paper publication that came out a few times a year between 1994 and 1997, this new version will, of course, be electronic (with pictures too!).

The first few entries will spend some time catching up, after all…, we’ve been recording on and off since March 2013. Plus all of a sudden our new album has a different title! Why? Clearly a case of the “best laid plans of mice and men”...

Updates will be regular. We’ll divulge all kinds of moderately interesting bits of behind-the-scenes activities: the good, bad and all points in between.

We’ve placed a link to the “Tiles Files” front and center on our splash page so it’s easy to find.

You’re welcome to make your first visit now and check out the first two entries.

Stay safe and enjoy the Holidays!

Paul, Mark, Jeff and Chris

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